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Having an iTunes account is essential to do if you have an Apple product such as an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or iMac because it is the key to let you use its many services such as iCloud, iMessage, Facetime and iTunes Match. This tutorial will guide you so that you could login to your iTunes account. iTunes Login :

If you have an iTunes account, also known as an Apple ID, and you are having trouble trying to sign in to your iTunes account then this tutorial is for you.

iTunes Login from your Windows computer:

1- Open the iTunes program

2- Check the menu bar and click on “store“.

3- In the “store” drop-down menu, you will see, “Authorize This Computer“.

4- Click “Authorize This Computer

iTunes login

5- A popup will appear asking for your Apple ID (iTunes account) and password.

6- Enter your Apple ID and password and click “sign in” or hit “enter“.

If you do not have an iTunes account and would like to register one for free without having to enter a credit card then click Create iTunes account.

Having an iTunes Account is essential if you are an apple user. Thanks to iTunes you are able to download songs, movies, games, podcasts, books and many more things onto your devices fast and easy. Your iTunes account will also serve as an Apple ID, they are essentially the same, Apple just decided to modernize the way in which this account was called. Through the use of iTunes, you will be able to have access to your favorite songs, shows, movies, and more throughout all your devices. Iphone’s, iPad’s, iPod’s, Macbooks and regular computers are able to be logged in and registered to your iTunes account. In addition to being able to access one of the biggest markets on the web, you need the iTunes account to access some features offered by apple on your devices. In order to access Facetime, iMessage, and other features your iPhone, iPod, Ipad, and/or Mac need to be logged in with an iTunes account.

If you want to be able to access and enjoy all these amazing features, simply create your iTunes account, following these steps:

First of all, there are many different ways you can create your iTunes account, however we will be walking you through the process of registration when you have downloaded the iTunes application onto your computer, that can be an non-apple device.
Open the iTunes app on your computer and click on the top right corner where it reads “ITUNES STORE”. After you click on this button a pop-up window will appear where your iTunes account information will be requested. Go ahead and click on “CREATE APPLE ID” under the Apple ID information box.
A long form of requested information will appear, here you will be asked for your full name, birthday, rescue email, and security questions. Please make sure to take your time and fill-in the questions with accurate information because this will be crucial when trying to retrieve your account given the case that you get locked out, or forget your password.
After filling-in the information, provide your billing information. A lot of people get freaked out when it comes to this part, I mean nobody wants to be charged money, but do not worry, creating the account is FREE, and you will only be charged when purchasing things that are not free.
This next step is optional, you will be asked to enable other features, read and select which features you will like to activate. Now test your account and do iTunes Login. ENJOY ITUNES!

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